2017 Member Show – Judges Comments

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2017 Member Show – Judges Comments

IPAPA Members Show. November 2017

Notes on the show

Nancy Achberger

I am honored and humbled to have judged the IPAPA members show. The Indiana painters
prove to be a prolific and talented group. I congratulate all of you for getting out there and
painting en Plein Air!

Choosing the award winners was not an easy task. And I wish I could have awarded a few
more ribbons to some well deserved paintings!

A Plein Air Show is not to simply judge a painting on technical skills; of course drawing, design,
sensitivity to value and focal point are all important elements. But with that in mind, when I look at a Plein air painting and judge it’s merit, I look for an emotional connection with the artist. To feel the urgency and energy in capturing a fleeting moment; the light, atmosphere and temperature, through paint and brush. To make an ordinary scene into the extraordinary.

Best of Show

Vertical Vibe —————— Donna Shortt

A strong design with powerful values drew me into this painting. It is a simple subject of a lone
tree that is expertly executed with well placed brush strokes. I can feel Donna’s urgency to
capture the light on the bark and limbs.

1st Place

West End Farm ————— David Seward

This Plein air oil celebrates painting with controlled chaos. The sunlight really make this piece
using and the perfect placement of a 1000 greens is wonderful. There is so much energy and joy
expressed through David’s brush strokes.

2nd Place

The Morning Unload ———— Todd Derr

The values in striking painting are bold and powerful. The sharp, angular subject against the
soft distant tree line brings my senses to the river. I am awed by Todd’s draftsmanship

3rd Place

Road to Pipe Creek ———— Mary Ann Davis

Mary Ann’s use of complimentary pastel colors makes this painting vibrate. Her sensitivity to
the subject and expressive mark making brings this scene to life.