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2018 First Brush of Spring Winners

Best in Show

Larry Rudolech, Plum Pudding

$2,500.00 – John and Sarah Lechleiter – 750. value

1st Place

David Seward, Griffin Granary

$1,250.00 – Dr George and Mrs. Peggy Rapp

Jack Richeson $150

2nd Place

Kathy Blankenheim, High Water

$1,000.00 – Richmond Art Museum

Jack Richeson $125

3rd Place

Jed Dorsey – Garden of Life

$750.00 – Ron and Dottie Mack

Jack Richeson $100



Donna Shortt, Turning the Corner

$500.00 – Hoosier Salon

Great American Pastels, 78 piece of set

Wyatt LeGrand, Spring

$500.00 – Anonymous

Jeff Klinker, Drain the Swamp

$500.00 Jim & Sally Toschlog

Gamblin Oil Colors

Lon Brauer, New Harmony

$500.00 – Hoosier Salon in Honor of George and Peggy Rapp

Roy Boswell, Ready to Go


Gamblin Fastmatte Oil Colors


Robert Hebenstreit,Pond at New Harmony Garden

$250.00 Richard McKnight

Alan Larkin, Two Trees

Indiana Artists Club

$250.00 – Dr George and Mrs. Peggy Rapp

Jerry Smith, Silver Morning

$250.00 Indiana Heritage Arts

Dan Woodson

New Harmony State Park

$250.00 – Dr George and Mrs. Peggy Rapp

Dave Voepel, Wabash

$250.00 – Dr George and Mrs. Peggy Rapp

Jim Faeke, Storm Weather

$250.00 – IPAPA

Mary Ann Davis, Saturday Morning

$250.00 IPAPA

Jeanne McLeish, Am I Blue

$250.00 IPAPA


Mark Burkett, Arc of Spring

Plein Air Mag. Sub.

Clenna Perkins, Arthur Street

Plein Air Mag. Sub.

Kristin Hosbein, Quickdraw New Harmony

Plein Air Mag. Sub.

Spencer Meagher, Spring in New Harmony

The Art of Plein Air Pair Painting, book

Ray Hassard, The Shrine, Springtime

The Art of Plein Air Pair Painting, book

Cindy Crofoot, Reflecting at the Abbey

The Art of Plein Air Pair Painting, book


1st Place:

Mark Millis, Ready for Spring

$250.00 – Melanie & Bill Wissel

Omega Frame

2nd Place:

Robine Wright, No Trucks Allowed

$150.00 – Melanie & Bill Wissel

Royal Talens ROC Set

3rd Place:

Barbara Nothern, First Blossom’s

$75.00 – Melanie & Bill Wissel

Student Awards

Age 12 – 18

1st Place:


Elizabeth Walker, Lamplight

2nd Place:


Haley Russell, Twisted Woods

3rd Place:


Madeline Underwood, Life in Death

Under 12

Age up to 12

1st Place: Ady Gamblin

Thursday Night Quick Draw

# of Participants 59

$100.00 Winners

Lon Brauer

Spencer Meagher

John Kelty

Donna Shortt

Kyle Ragsdale

Jerry Smith

$10.00 Winners

Spencer Meagher

Douglas David

David Seward

Corrine Hull

Avon Waters

Kathy Blankenheim

Field to Finish

$200.00 Winners

Mark VanderVinne

Carl Strock-Wasson

Charlene Brown

Mary Ann Davis